Cholera Prevention Outreach / Education and Nutrition Education

Cholera outreach presentation – HHN committee Secretary Daniel Desronvil and Director Rosedanie Cadet at Simonette neighborhood cholera outreach presentation.

Immediately upon arrival in Limbe in November, Rosedanie Cadet has been focused on a variety of projects all related to the Cholera outbreak which has spread across Haiti including in Limbe and the surrounding region.

The range of projects fall into 3 main categories:

  1. Clean/purified-water production and distribution
  2. Sanitation and related outreach and education including general info on Cholera and how it spreads
  3. Education on nutrition as a means to reduce susceptibility to falling sick

Chlorine fabrication, Bas Limbé.

Click HERE for some more details from Rosedanie’s last blog entry summarizing her efforts on Cholera Prevention.

Sharing a meal at HHN Center after work party. Part of the nutrition education program instituted by Helping Hands Noramise.