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Rosedanie Cadet,
Founder and Director

In November 2009 when Rosedanie Cadet arrived in her home country after a forty years absence, it was with the life experience and advanced education of a U.S. resident.  The shock of seeing the results of decades of repression, of severe economic uncertainty and degradation of resources, coupled with a seeming inertia among many of the people, provided the inspiration for the formation of Helping Hands Noramise, named after her maternal grandmother.

NGO’s come and go, often springing up in response to crises.  We have all heard the iconic stories of solar water pumps installed in remote areas being abandoned due to lack of qualified maintainers/parts, etc., one example of many.  Noramise, however, is one of those that persevere through all the bumps and grinds associated with fundamental change.  Slow and steady gets you there. Massive earthquakes (January 2010) and Cholera outbreaks dominated the early days of the organization.

Now as it begins its sixth year, the organization led by founder and director, Rosedanie, is firmly planted at the HHN center  in her hometown of Limbe’.  The owners of the center property, Mr. Jehu Laveau and his family, have provided essential stability to the organization where a core of young people (aged 9 to 25 years) are learning to save seed and grow food, to prepare nutritionally complete meals, to use computers to further their specific interests and underscore the organization’s ongoing emphasis on education, to study language, and to welcome guests from many parts of the world who, through her international contacts, Rosedanie invites to join them and share their varied skills. The center also serves as an incubator for small businesses.

DSC02714This same group of young people make up the Noramise rugby team, with coach Rosedanie at the helm, while requiring parental involvement and community service for participation.  Until recently this was the only team in Haiti. The lofty goal is to be able to send a team to the 2020 Olympics.  Don’t doubt that this could happen.  Rosedanie is a woman with a mission who sees her role as that of a head coach inspiring people to action.

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Rosedanie Cadet was born in Haiti and lived there until the age of 10, when she moved with her family to Brooklyn, New York. She has since traveled the world, lived in Japan, and worked as a chef, teacher, rugby coach and landscaper, among other vocations.

An island person at heart, Rosedanie chose to settle on Orcas Island, Washington, three years ago. She lives and works on Orcas at The Kitchen, a restaurant where the majority of the food comes from local farmers and fishermen around the San Juan Islands, while continuing to maintain friendships spanning several continents.  Click HERE to see more about this island connection.

Rosedanie Cadet and Noramise team, cooking

Rosedanie Cadet and Noramise team, cooking.

Team Noramise, Limbé, Haiti

Team Noramise, Limbé, Haiti.

Anyone wishing to get involved as a volunteer on the Limbé Project, email Rosedanie at volunteer@noramise.org. To find out how you can help with a donation, please see our Donate page.