Suggested Reading

Articles relevant to the work of Helping Hands Noramise in Haiti:

“Haiti Can Be Rich Again” New York Times article January 9, 2012

NY Times Editorial – published January 14, 2011, “Haiti Going Forward”

Christian Science Monitor, published January 11, 2011 – “Haiti earthquake anniversary: the state of global disaster relief”

NY Times article on Micro lending – published January 5, 2011

Books which may be of interest regarding Haiti
  • Haiti Noir A collection of short stories written primarily by Haitians and edited by Edwidge Danticat
  • – Click HERE for a book review.

  • Haiti: Best Nightmare on Earth by Herbert Gold – a memoir by an American who lived in Haiti in the 1950’s and has visited regularly in the ensuing years.
  • – Click HERE for a book review.

  • Haiti After the Earth Quake by Paul Farmer