Ongoing improvements and support to the Bethesda Free Elementary School.


Our first contact with the school resulted in Team Noramise building a structure to support tarps to protect the students from sun and rain.  Thanks to volunteers and fund-raising efforts, we have been able to provide a wide variety of school supplies.  A cooperative effort with a local carpenter’s guild resulted in the construction of tables and benches.

Progress:  Board member Matthew Weaver spent six weeks in Limbe’ focusing much of his time on planning improvements for Bethesda School (see his report in “notes from volunteers and observers” section).  We are in close contact with the school director and are continuing to provide school supplies, to develop their vegetable garden, and to assist in other ways.  A three-month pilot program in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), has begun at the school.  A previously unemployed English-speaking gentleman has been hired as the teacher.  Rosedanie is providing oversight, ESL materials, and support.

You can also read a more detailed account of the progress here.