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About Noramise.org

Rosedanie Cadet,
Founder and Director2012-07-26 09.20.45

Rosedanie Cadet was born in Haiti and lived there until the age of 10, when she moved with her family to Brooklyn, New York. She has since traveled the world, lived in Japan, and worked as a chef, teacher, rugby coach and landscaper, among other vocations.

An island person at heart, Rosedanie chose to settle on Orcas Island, Washington, three years ago. She lives and works on Orcas at The Kitchen, a restaurant where the majority of the food comes from local farmers and fishermen around the San Juan Islands, while continuing to maintain friendships spanning several continents.  Click HERE to see more about this island connection.

In December of 2009, Rosedanie decided it was time to return to Haiti, to give back. She visited her family’s hometown of Limbé, where the seeds of the Noramise project began to germinate in her mind. Rosedanie had found her life’s purpose: to start a sustainable farming project with the people of Limbé, with the goal of creating a micro-development model for the region.

Just two weeks after she arrived back in the US, the earthquake hit Haiti, sparking even more urgency for her work. Her history and experiences all converged at this defining moment in her life, and Rosedanie knew the time was right to launch Helping Hands Noramise, a non-profit named in honor of her grandmother.

Rosedanie Cadet and Noramise team, cooking

Rosedanie Cadet and Noramise team, cooking.

Coordinating all her friends and contacts, she quickly mobilized a network of volunteers to assist in starting work on the ground in Haiti, to respond to the urgent need for sustainable food production and jobs.

Rosedanie is a woman with a mission, and sees her role in Noramise as that of a head coach: to inspire people to action! She hopes to get many people involved in daily, hands-on work that will invest people in this grassroots project over the long-term.

Team Noramise, Limbé, Haiti

Team Noramise, Limbé, Haiti.

Anyone wishing to get involved as a volunteer on the Limbé Project, email Ethan at volunteer@noramise.org. To find out how you can help with a donation, please see our Donate page.