October 2011

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Journal | October 2011

Last month we reported that Ryan Delaney, co-director of Carbon Roots International would be visiting our Limbé Center.  Ryan recently received his Master of Science degree from the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University, where he researched technology adoption as a development tool at the community level in Haiti.  He and one of his team member stayed at the center for several days, spending time introducing the staff to the process of making bio-char.  This rich soil amendment will add to the productivity of our Permaculture garden and will provide a demonstration site for area farmers.  Ryan may return to Limbé as early as December bringing with him the bio-char unit developed by him and his team.

We are happy to report that the wonderful jams made by Gwen Stamm on behalf of HHN were all sold online.  Sadly, nothing left for our local holiday fairs, but you clearly know a good thing when you read about it.  Thanks for your enthusiastic response.  Gwen is contributing all proceeds to us.  We are filled with gratitude, but unfortunately not with jam, as we did not get our orders in soon enough.  If she is kind enough to do this next year we’ll know better!

We are about to begin an incubator preserving project (*see quote below) at the Limbé center.  This project is consistent with Rosedanie’s original vision of preserving food and providing employment.  The two caretakers at the center will start the business, using abundant fruit available that often rots on the ground while people go hungry.  This project meshes with our permaculture garden efforts, our interest in micro-lending to assist start-up businesses, our work to encourage innovation, and our desire to begin making the center self-supporting.

Board news:  It was with great pleasure that we welcomed Taylor Diepenbrock to our board at our October 20th meeting.  Taylor is an Orcas islander currently studying at William & Mary College in Virginia.  Taylor’s interest in Haiti predates the founding of Helping Hands Noramise.  As a senior at Orcas Island High School he chose to focus on Haiti for his senior project.  He traveled with the first Orcas group to Limbé in February 2010 and returned with a group of Orcas students in July 2010.  Please refer to “Notes from volunteers and observers” on our website (www.noramise.org) for a firsthand account of his motivation and travels.  We believe that young people like Taylor have so much to contribute, both at home and abroad, and we greatly appreciate his stepping up to further his commitment to service.

*”Haiti has not yet achieved the status of an underdeveloped nation.  It is just un-developed.  No infrastructure and no structure, either.  You see plenty of limes in the market, but couldn’t get enough together to manufacture lime jelly.  Can you imagine this country which grows oranges and we import marmalade.”  Jean Weiner from “Haiti Best Nightmare on Earth” by Herbert Gold.