To Empower the Haitian People

Your donation to Helping Hands Noramise is a direct contribution to rebuilding projects and sustainable development in Haiti, and helps us respond to the urgent need for education, sustainable food production and jobs.

Your contributions enable Helping Hands Noramise to continue with its mission to build sustainable local industries in Haiti. We thank you on behalf of the people of Limbé, Haiti and beyond. Your contribution goes to support programs intended to create sustainable health, education, and jobs in Haiti.

Boy and peppers at market, Limbe, Haiti

Boy and peppers at market, Limbé, Haiti.

Those wishing to make a donation may do so in the following ways:


Simply click the Donate button below to make your contribution via our PayPal account:

Mail a Check

Please make your check payable to ‘Naturopaths Without Borders.‘ (our fiscal sponsor) with ‘Helping Hands Noramise’ on the memo line and mail to:

Helping Hands Noramise
1317 W 11th Ave
Spokane, WA 99204

As a small grassroots organization, we’re able to be flexible and efficient on the ground in Haiti. Every dollar you donate makes a difference!

Compassionate Giving

Make a Gift Donation to Helping Hands Noramise


Noramise will send a special gift card to notify the recipient of your gift made in their honor. Please send us the name and address of your gift recipient along with your donation.

Limbe, Haiti

Limbé, Haiti.

Helping Hands Noramise operates under the fiscal sponsorship of A W.I.S.H. 501©3 non-profit corporation.