Development of farm and garden sites (some commercial) with the emphasis on Permaculture.

There are far too few small domestic and market gardens in Haiti.  This is due in part to the legacy of slavery where people were forced to work and die in the fields, with subsequent generations shunning such work.  Malnutrition is a fact of life in Haiti and one which can be eased through gardens.  We are committed to working with the Haitian people to install gardens any where there is an available plot of land.  We have begun work on gardens at schools, churches, museum grounds, and at our own center.

Progress:  Funds have been raised to provide seeds and tools to assist the local people in maintaining these gardens.  HHN has been working to educate people as to their ability to create small gardens which can provide significant quantities of food to supplement their inadequate diets.  We are also working to help re-forest hillsides that have been stripped bare and present significant dangers of mud slides during the torrential rains.

(In addition, there is a group of Orcas farmers interested in traveling to Haiti in 2011. Rosedanie proposes the following project for them:  “After meeting with the residents of Mata los Indios (Haitians living in the Dominican Republic), I would like to install a community garden for them.  Part of my vision for Noramise is to reunite the island and get Haitians and Dominicans working together for the advancement of both countries.”)