Facility Construction

Facility construction:  The Colvert family of Limbe’ was committed to building a school.  Family circumstances have prevented their moving forward, so they have offered us the opportunity to build on their land.  This, coupled with Rosedanie’s original vision of building a food processing plant, is a big project which will require time, planning, and funds.  We have raised money for a survey of the Colvert land.  Local consensus is that a vocational school is what’s needed, so we’ll soon be contacting the local population to see which vocations are most in demand.

The first step in realizing the vision of the food processing plant is to determine size of potential crops to be dried, juiced, or canned.  The second step is to research requirements for these activities in terms of space and equipment.  Having done that, a search for available and appropriate land will be undertaken.

ProgressWe have made no significant progress on either of these projects to date.  Our plans have been slowed by the cholera epidemic.