December 2011

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Journal | December 2011

New Year celebration 2011, with soup, at the HHN Center

The year end seems to herald a time for reflection. Two years of engagement in Haiti have been exhilarating, frustrating, rewarding, and filled with opportunities for both personal and organizational growth. We have learned that the pace of change is slow, and our challenge is to keep it steady. We have been richly rewarded in our collaborations with some of our Haitian friends and neighbors and sorely disappointed in others. All part of the process. Some strong connections with other organizations in the area have emerged, and we’ll work to further those in the new year. Most importantly, perhaps, is that our focus on an inter-related set of projects is being validated and reinforced by people and organizations both in and out of the country. Access to clean water, good nutrition and education is the foundation for a healthy future for all Haitians. Our supporters continue to walk hand-in-hand with us on this journey.

In sincere gratitude to: SugarHill Works ( for hosting our website and for their endless patience in helping us; Debi Bodett ( for sharing her creative skill and energy and remarkable efficiency; Dr. Tiffany Keenan ( for standing with us at the height of the cholera epidemic and beyond; Patrick Cummings ( for a commitment to clean water for Haiti; Sonje Ayiti ( for being a willing resource and sharing valuable information and expertise; Ryan Delaney ( and his partners for their commitment to restoring the health of Haitian soil and farming through the development and implementation of simple, effective technology. We thank them and you.

Meanwhile, Rosedanie is thinking soup: soup joumou or squash soup. Haitians gained independence from France on January 1, 1804. Prior to that they were not allowed to eat squash soup which was considered a superior dish. It has since been the centerpiece of New Years’ Day Independence celebrations. Cheers!