Orcas Island, WA — Limbe, Haiti Map

Orcas Island, one of a group of islands in the San Juan Archipelago, has a year round population of approximately 4,000.  Construction and tourism are the principal industries.  We have a very active and productive community of farmers who provide us with wonderful meat, poultry, fish, and produce from April through November.  We tend to be very interested in the food we eat and have a disproportionately large number of good restaurants.  The opportunity to cook at one of these influenced the decision of our founder/director Rosedanie Cadet to move here.  The bonus was in meeting a group of very  generous, warm-hearted people who look after one another and are always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.
Since the announcement of the formation of our organization, these people have contributed time, energy, and money to every endeavor undertaken by us.  Their funds have enabled us to purchase school supplies for Bethesda School, allowed us to lease a Limbe’ center for a year, raised funds for an Orcas youth group to travel to Haiti in June, have provided art supplies for Tambour Creole Collective, have enabled us to purchase and supply crucial water filters in our efforts to prevent the spread of cholera, and on, and on.  There would be no us without them.  This has forged an island-to-island connection which is constantly being reinforced both here and in Haiti and lends great strength to our organization.