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Orcas Island relief organization mobilizing for second trip to Haiti

Limbé, Haiti — The town of Limbé sits about 22 kilometers away from Haiti’s northern shore. Though it was far from the January earthquake that devastated the southern regions, the town has experienced a major shake-up in the wake of the quake. Towns like Limbé, with a population of roughly 50,000 people, have seen their populations swell by as much as 30 percent, as the sons and daughters who went to find work in Port-au-Prince now return home. In disaster’s wake, a tenuous balance has been tipped for towns with an already shaky infrastructure. Lack of adequate sanitation, clean water, and food were already issues in Limbé before the quake, and the problems are only compounded now.

But according to Rosedanie Cadet, leader of Orcas Island-based relief organization Helping Hands Noramise, a new Haiti can be born out of the tragedy. Cadet envisions a Haiti where everyone has access to education, proper sanitation, and proper nutrition, and is working to foster that through Helping Hands Noramise.

In February and March 2010, volunteers from Helping Hands Noramise worked with individuals and groups in Limbé, planting gardens, fostering artisan partnerships, and mobilizing townspeople to remove a giant trash pile from their marketplace.

In May 2010, the group will return again to continue nurturing the seeds that were planted in March. Plans are in place to begin building a school in Limbé, and in June, a group of teen volunteers from Orcas Island will go to Haiti to help build it.

Dozens of businesses from Orcas Island have organized fundraisers this month, to continue the work of Helping Hands Noramise:

Monday, April 26th
Madrona Bar and Grill
310 Main St, Eastsound
All proceeds from appetizers.

Tuesday, April 27th
The Kitchen
249 Prune Alley, Eastsound
A percentage of the day’s proceeds.

Tuesday, April 26th – Friday, April 30th
Trés Fabu
238 North Beach Rd, Eastsound
A percentage of week’s proceeds.

Wednesday, April 28th
Straight Shots Espresso
1 Main Street, Eastsound
A percentage of the day’s proceeds.

Inn at Shipbay
326 Olga Rd, Eastsound
open at 5:30 pm
$10 from each diningroom entrée.

Thursday, April 29th
Deer Harbor Inn and Restaurant
78 Inn Lane, Deer Harbor
$25 benefit dinner
5-8 pm
The meal will include a choice of vegetarian lasagna or grilled marinated free range chicken, split pea soup, garden salad, homemade bread and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Friday, April 30th
Westsound Café at Kingfish Inn
4362 Crow Valley Rd. Westsound
5-8 pm
All proceeds from appetizers and desserts.


For information or interviews, please contact Rosedanie Cadet at, or call (360) 420-1331. Thank you for your interest and support of Helping Hands Noramise!

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Helping Hands Noramise is Mobilizing in Haiti

The initial phase of the Limbé Project will focus on mobilizing the people of Limbé and volunteers to clear the land for construction and getting farmlands ready for replanting.

Rosedanie arrived in Limbé on 2/10/2010, with the first group of volunteers and supplies to follow shortly after.

Anyone wishing to volunteer, email Ethan at:, with Limbé as the subject. Please give a brief history of your experience working with another culture as well as a list of your skills and talents. We are asking a two week minimum commitment. Travel cost should range between $500-$1000 US, dependent on your departure city.

Follow the upcoming Noramise journal entries here, chronicling the Limbé Project and the work Helping Hands Noramise is doing in Haiti.

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